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I Like the Way Chapter One

Title: I Like the Way
Author: Mel
Fandom: RPS and Pirates of the Carabian
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Jack Sparrow/Orlando Bloom, Includes cameo pairings: Rupert Everett/Elijah Wood, Eric Bana/Colin Farell
Warnings: Supernatural and Adult Themes.
Summary: On the run from the Commodore, Captain Jack Sparrow encounters someone he never expected to.
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are just barbie dolls. do you remember making them havve sex when you were a kid? this is the same thing.
Author’s Notes: For Kitty and her orli!vamp fetish

Chapter One

I Like The Way.

--I like the way you look at me with those beautiful eyes--

The commodore had made things very difficult. He always had, but now they were especially difficult. The Pearl was back under his command, where it belonged. The crew was wild enough to follow him, but tame enough to not question his authority. He knew he would have to do something remarkably drastic to shake their faith enough for them to become mutinous, and he would not do something as foolish as to spark that reaction a second time.

They were a lot softer then his last crew he had aboard the Pearl. Perhaps Elizabeth and Will had had an adverse affect he had not thought of. He hoped, should the Commodore come bearing down upon them, they had enough sense to fight.

For now, however, they were taking as much of a break as they could.

The day’s head start the Commodore had seen so fit to give them had not been wasted, and they had moved quickly, relieving a few merchant vessels of their cargo in that first day. Since then Captain Jack Sparrow had not touched a signal vessel or port. He had been especially careful to make it seem it like they had disappeared, even going to the extent of changing his black sails to old white.

Jack did not like this scurrying around like his tail was between his legs, but there was very little choice until things calmed down. Give William and his soon to be bride a chance to clear their names from the whole mess. To let rumor die to its gentle whisper before getting back to the plundering.

It meant most of the crew had become restless so Jack had been forced to find a harbor quickly, but enough out of the way that the Commodore would not think to find them. So, Jack found himself in the last place he wanted to be.

Jack was sure, on a whole, the people of France were lovely, fair, people. It just the ones Jack seemed to meet he rubbed the wrong way. And then they would turn out to be French nobility. France was never the best of places to hide in, it hadn’t been for years. He was betting on the fact that the Commodore knew that and would forgo searching the area, if he happened to think Jack had made it this far.

The Pearl’s birth was in the north corner, bordering Germany should Jack need to make a quick getaway, in a small fishing village. You could never tell with Frenchmen, but Jack was certain no royalty would surprise him here. Most of the crew was making use of the brothel a few streets away from the small pub Jack had found. Spending his hard earned, abit stolen, money on pretty girls of low moral standing. Anamaria had, disappointingly, declined the sport and had decided to stay with the Pearl. Jack, wanting nothing more then to keep a low profile, had decided on ‘just a few drinks’ before he too would head back to the Pearl.

It was the kind of bar Jack thrived in. Small and dingy, with twice as many people then should really be able to fit in the room. Even with so many people, there was always a quiet corner and Jack had moved to it, taking an empty table, nursing wine for a change. The rum here was not of his standards, and he had seen the serving wenches spitting in it. Frenchmen valued their wine very highly and he trusted it to be safe, drinking the sweet liquid slowly. His moody stare kept the table free of most of the idiots and girls that floated around, Jack’s thoughts straying to what they would do next. There was only so long he could stay in hiding, he wondered if there was a way to get a hold of Will to find out if he had married the girl yet.

Lifting his head from the careful contemplation of his wine glass he found himself staring into very amused chocolate eyes. Jack had not even sensed the devil take his place at the chair across from him. Appearing none pulsed at the intrusion, Jack sat back, looking the boy over.

Really, he didn’t quiet pass off as a man, Jack could only think of him as a boy. He couldn’t have been much older then Will was. Bedroom eyes aside, Jack had to concede the boy was gorgeous, certainly not the sort he’d expect to find in a place like this. He was way too classy. His hair was cleaned, curling around his face in dark waves, into his eyes, over all too porcelain skin.

He didn’t belong here, with that annoying smirk on too red lips, but really, with as good a view as he offered, Jack couldn’t really bring himself to complain.

“You seem a long way from home, Red.” Jack offered in greeting, taking a drink.

The smile widened, not quiet showing all his teeth, Jack unable to deny the thrill that spiked through him. “Red?”

Jack leant back further, relaxing a little. This was no French Nobility, the boy was British, and though Jack could insult the British with the best of them, it was much less likely the boy would demand he leave French boarders lest he find himself missing limbs. He gestured with his glass to the boy’s outfit.

“Red Velvet? This certainly isn’t the place for it, Red.”

The boy looked down, as if just noticing the extravagant blood red jacket that clothed his slim form. Jack couldn’t see the boy’s pants from this vantage point, but the crisp white shirt, complete with frills, perked his curiosity. Where was the boy from, and why, of all things, was he in this tiny bar?

He shrugged, head falling to the side, watching Jack. “A little mouse told me the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow was here. I wanted to see if the mouse’s eyes were not playing tricks.”

Jack had enough sense, as well as being mostly sober, to be a little concerned in this turn of conversation. “And what do you want with the Captain?”

Red was amused. “Just his company, for the moment. More wine?”

Jack thought quickly, before nodding. The boy didn’t feel dangerous. His manner and apparent lack of dress sense were curious, but Jack was certain the boy wasn’t out too cause mischief. He was trust worthy, if that even existed anymore.

“Of course, Red, though, what I wouldn’t give for a decent shot of rum.”

Even without the rum, Red turned out to be easy to talk to. But after two of his more famous tales, more fancy then reality, Red insisted on a true story. There was something in the boy’s expression, something Jack hadn’t seen for a while, and against his better judgment, he told Red a true story. A story, though true seemed even more unbelievable then his last two fancies. But Red’s eyes were enough to keeping talking, and truthful. He told of the loss of the Pearl, the curse, his near hanging and his final confrontation with Barbossa.

“There are few things I have found as much pleasure in then shooting that man with the pistol he marooned me with ten years ago.”

“That was all?”

Jack was not surprised by the look of disappointment on Red’s face. He was young, he wasn’t very good at hiding it, and jack had already guessed there was more to this little visit then just story time. “Were you expecting something else, Red? Breaking an Aztec Curse as well as riding the seas of that monster I would have thought would have been more then enough.”

Those full lips pursed, he certainly looked frustrated, making Jack smile behind his drink.

“I had thought there would be more to the curse, you used no magic to break it, no chanting or spells?”

“Just a slight of hand when Barbossa was otherwise occupied,” Jack told the disappointed boy. “Nothing special like that. If I had not seen the curse for myself, I would have doubted its very existence. Why do you want to know son?”

Suddenly Red didn’t seem to want to be anywhere near the table. He moved, silent and quick, out of his chair. There was an edge of panic in those expressive eyes. Oh, how Jack wished he was that young again.

“You sort me out, Red. And I believe I’ve told you what you wanted to know. At the very least you could humor an old man by telling me why you wanted to hear the truth of that story.”

It was a nasty trick, Jack knew it, appealing to the boy’s fairness, his honesty. But it got him to stay, it made him sit back in his seat, boneless. It also gave him a look at the tight black breaches he wore.

“I had hoped you would have helped me rid myself of this curse.” Frustrated sigh, a hand rising into those curls, ruffling them.

“You’ll have to be a little more specific boy,” Jack leaned forward. He was intrigued, the boy looked the picture of health and youth, but Jack knew looks could be deceiving. He wanted to know what had plagued Red enough to look for him. “I’ve seen a lot of curses in my time.”

“You would not want to know of my curse. I would never see you again.”

“Red, there is nothing you could do or be that would cause me to run for the sea. I swear.”

Those bedroom eyes narrowed, disbelief written on his face. “You should not make promise you can not keep, Captain. I have seen even the bravest men tremble at the mention of my particular curse. What makes you think you would be any different?”

“You’ll just have to trust me on that, Red.”

Jack would never, ever, be sure what made Red disclose in him that night his curse. He could have easily left, walked out on Jack, and the Pirate knew he would never see him again. It would have been so much easier for Red just to leave. He didn’t, he stayed. Jack was forever thankful for that decision.

Still, Red’s lips pursed, the action filling them with blood. His cheeks grew rosy, taking the only colour Jack had seen in them yet. His eyes grew so dark, pupil widening so no iris remained. Like a hunters, some primal beast out for the hunt.

And his two fangs lengthened, his lips parting enough to revel them to the Pirate.

Time seemed to pause in the low light of the ale house.

“It has been a long time since I have had the pleasurable company of a Vampire, Red.”

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