Natalie Kitter (vicariousfacade) wrote in blackpearlslash,
Natalie Kitter

Pirates of the Caribbean: DMC Script Parody Part 2!

( PART 1 OF PARODY because this is the second part... )

Governor Swann lets Elizabeth out of jail where he’s set up a passage to London for her. He also bluntly points out that he hates Will with a passion that any father about to get his daughter deflowered would have. Beckett’s MANSERVANT arrests Gov’ner and kills the captain of the “safe passage” ship. Elizabeth gets away.

Beckett: Oh no. Someone stole my Letters of Marque. *palms face*

Elizabeth: That would be me. *Points gun*

Beckett: Oh right. Well I better make them valid. I should also touch a soft spot and insinuate that you care dearly about saving Jack and you defensively retort...

Elizabeth: TO SAVE WILL!!!

( PART 2 OF PARODY! Follow me... )
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